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    Genres : Rock

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    Special thanks to Justin Lawrence and Julien O'Malley for the most amazing rockstar photoshoot in Toronto. Looking good has never been so easy!

    Check out our new single: "Pair Of Dice", as heard on Ontario's Rock 95.7 FM now available FREE - exclusively on Brettnation.com

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    Pair Of Dice has been featured on Rock 95.7FM`s New Rock Hour!
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    Conceived by Producer / Musician Jake Israel, the very conception of your Worlds Greatest Rock Band becomes a reality featuring artists, musicians, experts and enthusiasts drawn from of the convergence of networks within the music, film and fashion industries.

    An organic, ongoing supergroup of which anyone, under the proper guise, can become part of.

    Not just a studio venture - expect everything from raw, unedited live takes appearing on albums and digital releases, integrated audio and visual performances, nuanced songwriting and the tube soaked musical assault that is Jake Israel`s vision of what a true rock band should sound like and can perform like.

    Having 4 compressors and limiters running per instrument is nice and everything - but some of the greatest and most memorable recordings ever made were live, on a whim, unrehearsed, and unedited. A true testament to how things used to be..

    The forum is open. Our debut album of 10 tracks is coming soon and then we`re off to the races.

    Slash, Reznor, Rock, Rubin and...Everyone! I invite you to become part of the plan and join me in something that will re-invigorate rock music worldwide.

    Currently Jake Israel is producing new material for WGRB with Steve and Jeff Brett for parallel with Steve`s debut album "red."

    He is also the executive producer of the debut album from Eric Wood, "Toward The Sun".

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    Title: WGRB-Aries

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    Title: WGRB-Hollyw

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    Title: WGRB-Out To Get ...

    Album: WGRB

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    Title: WGRB-Some Girls ...

    Album: WGRB

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